How to Talk to Ghosts – 3 Proven Ways to Contact Spirits on the Other Side

Do you want to talk to ghosts? Does the idea of spirit communication fascinate you? Are you curious what awaits AFTER this life is over? If you said yes… I don’t blame you. I’ve been fascinated with spirit communication for well over 20 years… and have been actively involved in psychic research, writing and readings for close to 2 decades myself.

Here are the BEST ways I’ve found to contact spirits, ghosts or loved ones “living” on the other side… and if you are anything like me, I think you’ll find each of these experience amazing, enlightening and super eye opening to boot!

Electronic Voice Communication:

Often called EVP. What is it? It’s super simple… and simply requires you use a digital recorder in ANY area you think is haunted… or may have spirit activity. (often your own home) Now listen: EVP is often thought of as a way for ghosts to talk to YOU… but you can engage a 2 way conversation with ease… simply asking questions, and leaving the recorder running… and then listening to the whole thing the next day. And don’t laugh… many GREAT minds have practiced, and PROVEN EVP transmissions are real… or at least unexplainable by science. (including Thomas Edison who was working on a TELEPHONE to the “other side” before his death, and believed spirits could communicate this way with ease)

Seances, Ouija Boards and DIRECT Communication Methods:

This is still one of the BEST ways to facilitate spirit contact, and involves either deep meditation (which takes practice but works really well) or group communication, like a seance or Ouija board. I’ve done them all… and the simple truth is that they WORK! (even if you don’t believe them going in) As a matter of fact, one of my FIRST experiences with the “other side” came through a Ouija board. I was a STAUNCH skeptic until I had this experience… and no matter how people try to explain it away, until you’ve had the experience yourself, you simply can’t understand how powerful the PROOF is that it’s really happening.

Psychic Mediums:

The EASIEST way to contact those on the other side? Talk to a genuine medium. If you know where to look, it’s easy, fast and can be an exceptionally powerful life changing experience to boot. I’ve talked to several mediums MANY times by phone over the last 5 or 6 years, and have made contact on numerous occasions with loved ones who ARE still “living” on the other side. (and until you actually have this experience yourself, like above… you simply can’t understand how amazing, or life changing it can be!) This is the best way for newbies, or people who simply want to “test” out the idea… as you can talk to a medium from home, without pressure, and for less than 20 bucks! (no joke)

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Surviving Missing Futon Frame Hardware Nightmares

There seems to be quite a few of us who have owned a futon frame and ended up losing the connecting hardware at one time or another. I myself bought a futon from the retail store I worked in for a number of years back in the early 1990s when futons were all the rage. Maybe you purchased your futon in college, acquired it from a friend or maybe made the purchase for a family room. If you’re lucky to live out your life in the same house or apartment there will never be a need to move your futon except perhaps to a different room or location. Obtaining replacement futon frame hardware involves several steps approached in order to locate exactly what you need.

In the first place don’t panic just yet. Without the hardware to attach everything back together you’re in some serious trouble. However there are ways to obtain what you need. At this point we could explain the many benefits of using a small bag to contain the hardware and attach it to a part of the frame with heavy packing tape so it’s easily found. Who am I kidding though? I’ve moved mine now about three times and each time I ended up missing a bolt, a barrel nut, a nylon roller here and there. Heck, I was lucky I had all the wood components show up at each new move let alone any hardware that happened to make it as well. Besides, isn’t moving your home stressful enough without having to keep track of a small bag of metal hardware among a sea of furniture, clothing, dishes, toys and appliances?

Pursuing this further we must calmly step back and think for a moment. Yes, we’re stressed out and fuming at either our spouse or the moving company for losing the futon hardware but we need to move past that now. To be sure the futon needs our help and we’re the only ones who can do it at this point. It’s time for us to go through the steps of obtaining replacement hardware and there is a specific order in which we do this to obtain the fastest results. I would suggest the following steps to start tracking down replacement hardware as soon as possible.

First – identify your futon frame.

Having worked retail, it’s quite possibly the toughest situation when a customer comes into the store needing assistance but can’t identify the product to the salesperson or service individual when requesting parts. Granted you’re going to have to do a little research by pulling your receipt when you bought the futon from the store and identify the model or name of the futon. If you inherited the futon, found it by the side of the road or bought it at a garage sale you’re in for a tough road ahead. Fear not however as the internet can be used to help you find the design and attach a name to it for use in tracking down hardware. Be aware that there are dozens of manufacturers out there using different hardware in their frames including many that have since closed their doors. Hopefully the manufacturer of your frame is still around.

Second – speak to the retailer.

Of course if you purchased your futon frame through a local retail store it’s time to head down there and see if they can track down the hardware for your frame. Bring your receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, then bring an image of the futon frame with you. Hopefully the salesperson or service representative is knowledgeable about the products they’ve carried in the past. Best case scenario, they either can provide you with the name of the manufacturer with contact information or have the parts on hand to get you back up and running. Worst case scenario the store you purchased it from is out of business or if the store is still around they have no clue about the product anymore.

Third – search online.

Supposing we’ve hit the worse case scenario it’s time to use the web to search for the manufacturer or the name of the style of futon you have. I’d suggest using Google, Bing or Yahoo and use the name adding the word futon to the search. If you weren’t able to locate a name you’re going to have to become a very good spotter and sift through the many images of futon frames till you find one that is very close to what you have. Identify the name of the style and the manufacturer and then proceed to locate the manufacturer of the futon frame.

Fourth – speak to the manufacturer.

Assuming the retailer didn’t have parts but could identify the manufacturer for you then you at least have something to go on. Perhaps you were able to locate your frame style through the search engines. Again, search online using the websites previously discussed using the name of the manufacturer. You’ll likely get some online retail stores off of the search. Filter them out visually until you find a link for the manufacturer. Most do have websites, locate a contact phone number or email address and contact them for information on obtaining hardware. If you’re unable to locate the manufacturer’s website go ahead and contact one of the many futon stores that pop-up in the search results and email them with your issue and ask if they can either sell you hardware or point you in the right direction for finding the manufacturer in hopes of tracking down hardware.

Finally – the last resort.

If you were unable to determine the name of the futon frame or the name of the manufacturer you are indeed in a tight spot. At this point your options are limited to heading down to a hardware store and seeing if you can locate some generic parts that might get you back up and running. The problem will be in the way of connecting bolts and barrel nuts and getting the right lengths if available. I would suggest taking one of the wood arms and a stretcher rail with you to the store. Begin plugging in different bolts and nuts till you find a combination that connects correctly. You’ll also need to track down connecting pins, washers and clips for the seat and back section as well as the four nylon rollers that most futon frames use on the back rest. If you’re lucky these may still be attached to the backrest deck making your job a bit easier.

In conclusion we’ve discussed the issues presented with lost futon hardware and how to go about tracking down the hardware you need. Basically identify your frame through a receipt or spotting it online. Visit the retailer store you purchased it from and obtain parts through them if they are still open. If you purchased it privately or inherited the frame track down the manufacturer using a search engine of your choice and speak to them about ordering replacements. If you aren’t able to locate the manufacturer but have found stores online contact one of them to see if they can sell you hardware. If all else fails visit the local hardware store with your wood futon sections in hand and begin trying bolts and nuts till you find some that work. I sincerely hope you’re able to obtain the needed hardware to get your futon frame back up and running. I wish you the best of luck to you and your futon.

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Top 8 Major Elements of Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPC is now among the most common applications that can be seen in factory and working environments. PPE equipment can be easily worn by workers for minimizing exposure to different kinds of occupational hazards. Some PPE examples include fall protection, aprons, gloves, safety jackets, foot, eye and head protection. The use of PPE would only be a single element in a complete program safety that would employ different kinds of strategies for maintenance of healthy and safe working environment. However, total or permanent protection isn’t guaranteed by PPE as the hazard isn’t eliminated itself.

The major elements of personal protective equipment can be categorized through the body area of protected body, by the types of hazard, and the garment accessory. A single item, like safety shoes, would provide different types of protection: with steel insoles and steel toe cap you get different proper protection from puncture injuries or crushing, impervious rubber and protection lining from chemicals and water protection, high reflectivity and heal resistance through radiant heat protection, and high electrical resistivity protection through electric shock. Here lie the top 8 major elements of PPE-:

1. Noise

With the help of earmuffs and earplugs the damage extent to hearing can be significantly reduced thus increasing ear safety. High level noise exposure causes irreversible loss of hearing and impairment with psychological or physical stress.

2. Access and height protection

The range height and access protection is wide and includes things like fall-arrest systems, body harnesses, lowering harnesses, rescue lifting, lanyards, energy absorbers, etc. Such kind of PPE is specialized and needs thorough training through competent persons, in user checks and the right use as well.

3. Respirators

With respiratory mask it becomes simple to protect the worker from breathing contaminants in the polluted air, thus preserving respiratory tract and the heart’s health. Two main types of respirators are present. Type one functions through filtering gases, chemicals, and airborne particles, through air breathed by workers. The process of filtration would either be active or passive. Particulate respirators or gas masks are main examples of these kinds of respirators. The type two helps in protection of users by offering clean and respirable air through any other source. This type also includes self-contained breathing apparatus and respirators.

4. Protective clothing

Being one of the main PPE elements, it is all-encompassing and refers to different uniforms and suits that is worn for protection of users through any harm. Ballistic coats that are worn through law enforcement officials and lab coats or safety gloves that are worn by scientists daily at work would come under this category.

5. Ensembles

In personal protective equipment, many types of ensembles can be found for protecting you against different conditions and this work together for specific tasks or occupations. PPE equipment like safety helmets is usable for multiple tasks or occupation for offering maximum protection to users. Chainsaw protection can be done by wearing several equipment (especially hearing protection, face guard, anti-vibration gloves, Kevlar chaps and chainsaw safety boots. Additionally, other measures are also advisable for using this hazardous equipment

6. Bee-keepers

Different clothing equipment is worn depending on bee temperament and reaction of bees to availability of nectar. At the minimum, most of the bee keepers wear brimmed hats and veils made through hardware clothes that bear similarity with window-screen materials. Another level of protection would involve long gauntlets with leather gloves.

7. Eye protection

While eye protection equipment would vary per the occupation, the offered safety gets generalized. With safety glasses, you get long term protection from external debris and side protection is possible through side shields and wrap around designs. Eyes can be protected from welding, dust, splashes and other hazards by Safety Goggles. Face shields can be worn over standard eyewear for protection against blood, impact and chemical-borne hazards.

8. Skin protection

Second most common injuries are related to the skin and occupation related skin illnesses like skin cancers, contact dermatitis, infections and other skin injuries are second most common occupational diseases that are costly. Any skin protection PPE is of utmost importance at the workplace as it becomes a barrier between hazardous agent and the skin.

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What Is A Gypsy Skirt?

This skirt is probably the most fun piece of clothing to wear there is. It kicks out when you walk; it flows in all directions and comes in a variety of materials and colors. It makes a girl feel girly and they are very comfortable to boot. Ladies do like to look nice at all times and this skirt can be the answer to many maladies when it comes to skirts.

Called the gypsy skirt because back in the day when gypsies were more prominent the ladies wore these skirts as they were easy to make and they could move and dance in them. Peasants wore them because back then pants were not heard of on women and they gave them more mobility.

Sadly when the pants and trousers came out for women the gypsy skirt got pushed back into the closet but then in the 1960’s they saw a comeback with the hippies, not just for the style but for comforts. Today they are still quite popular and are worn long and sometimes you will find some that are different lengths. Again when women entered the work force the skirt was put back in the closet.

Thankfully fashion evolves and here comes the gypsy skirt out again, many think to stay this time. Skirts are in fashion now and will probably stay in for quite a few years. Now they come in different lengths, colors and materials. Though the most true gypsy skirt is made of cotton or if allowed hemp. The designs are endless, from solid colors to bright beautiful patterns.

If one is handy with the thread and sewing machine one can make them, or many of them, each in different lengths and colors. All it takes is a piece of fabric cut in a full circle so it will flow freely, sew in some elastic in the waist and hem the bottom and you have a fun, swinging skirt. If you are really handy you can embroider some designs, there are even machines that will do it for you.

If making your own gypsy skirt and the material is not too heavy you can use a drawstring instead of elastic. Some even use these skirts for belly dancing as they sit nicely on the hips instead of the waist. These skirts have a wonderful style for the summer months paired with a peasant blouse and a pretty pair of sandals.

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Window Bird Feeders, You See the Birds, They Can’t See You!

Imagine seeing your birds so close you can count the feathers. Have you ever seen a cardinal feed its young? There are many window bird feeders available to choose from these days. Open trays, tube feeders, suet feeders and small hoppers come in a wide variety of shapes and materials.

However, do you know that you can own a window bird feeder with a one-way viewing feature that lets you watch the birds, but the birds can not see you? This fascinating feature has been around for about 10 years. Watch as your children or home bound relatives get up close to the window bird feeder and never scare the birds away. Impossible you say?

Originally designed by a Cape Cod father for his handicapped son, two-way viewing is the perfect answer for many households. These window bird feeders are designed so that you can fill, clean and view wild birds from inside the comfort of your house. There are models that fit in your window like an air-conditioner for double hung windows. These are the most popular due to ease of use. You can fill the feeder from inside your home. The opening is large enough for your hand so that you can clean the large window area safely indoors. This is the perfect choice for children and home bound birders. Nursing homes and elderly complexes love these models for their clients to use. Loved ones confined to wheelchairs can simply move as close as they need to be without scaring the birds away. The sheer joy on their faces while they watch their birds is priceless.

Some window feeder models use suction cups and are narrow enough for crank-out windows. These models will have to be filled and cleaned from outside the home for obvious reasons. Some styles incorporate a two-way film for simple viewing pleasure. There is a special window film you can attach to your window, allowing you to use any window feeder for two-way viewing.

Many people are apprehensive about using window feeders for fear that birds will hurt themselves flying into the glass. Birds going to window bird feeders are like airplanes coming in to land at an airport. Planes apply brakes in order to land safely. Birds use their wings to “brake” against the wind as they land on any bird feeder. It is the same principle.

Witness a mother bird while she feeds a newly fledged baby bird. Hear their cries for food. Watch the mating ritual of many wild bird species inside your feeder. It’s like watching your own nature channel without the television. Your children will learn more about wild birds using these special feeders than any textbook could provide. Spend hours during the spring seasons as more and more new species of wild birds discover these window bird feeders that provide a protective location while they feed.

Try different food sources in your window bird feeder. We supply fruit such as oranges and apples. We provide water in small dishes, mealworms in cups and hair in mesh bags for nesting. Window bird feeders provide more ways to attract birds than any other style of bird feeder. The only limit is your imagination.

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Insurable and Non-Insurable Risks

When we talk of insurance, we are referring to risks in all forms. Hence, having for an insurance policy is just a way of sharing our risks with other people with similar risks.

However, while some risks can be insured (i.e. insurable risks), some cannot be insured according to their nature (i.e. non-insurable risks).

Insurable Risks

Insurable risks are the type of risks in which the insurer makes provision for or insures against because it is possible to collect, calculate and estimate the likely future losses. Insurable risks have previous statistics which are used as a basis for estimating the premium. It holds out the prospect of loss but not gain. The risks can be forecast and measured e.g. motor insurance, marine insurance, life insurance etc.

This type of risk is the one in which the chance of occurrence can be deduced, from the available information on the frequency of similar past occurrence. Examples of what an insurable risk is as explained:

Example1: The probability (or chance) that a certain vehicle will be involved in an accident in year 2011 (out of the total vehicle insured that year 2011) can be determined from the number of vehicles that were involved in accidents in each of some previous years (out of the total vehicle insured those years).

Example2: The probability (or chance) that a man (or woman) of a certain age will die in the ensuring year can be estimated by the fraction of people of that age that died in each of some previous years.

Non-insurable Risks

Non-insurable risks are type of risks which the insurer is not ready to insure against simply because the likely future losses cannot be estimated and calculated. It holds the prospect of gain as well as loss. The risk cannot be forecast and measured.

Example1: The chance that the demand for a commodity will fall next year due to a change in consumers’ taste will be difficult to estimate as previous statistics needed for it may not be available.

Example 2: The chance that a present production technique will become obsolete or out-of-date by next year as a result of technological advancement.

Other examples of non-insurable risks are:

1. Acts of God: All risks involving natural disasters referred to as acts of God such as

a. Earthquake

b. War

c. Flood

It should be noted that any building, property or life insured but lost during an occurrence of any act of God (listed above) cannot be compensated by an insurer. Also, this non-insurability is being extended to those in connection with radioactive contamination.

2. Gambling: You cannot insure your chances of losing a gambling game.

3. Loss of profit through competition: You cannot insure your chances of winning or losing in a competition.

4. Launching of new product: A manufacturer launching a new product cannot insure the chances of acceptability of the new product since it has not been market-tested.

5. Loss incurred as a result of bad/inefficient management: The ability to successfully manage an organization depends on many factors and the profit/loss depends on the judicious utilization of these factors, one of which is efficient management capability. The expected loss in an organization as a result of inefficiency cannot be insured.

6. Poor location of a business: A person situating a business in a poor location must know that the probability of its success is slim. Insuring such business is a sure way of duping an insurer.

7. Loss of profit as a result of fall in demand: The demand for any product varies with time and other factors. An insurer will never insure based on expected loss due to decrease in demand.

8. Speculation: This is the engagement in a venture offering the chance of considerable gain but the possibility of loss. A typical example is the action or practice of investing in stocks, property, etc., in the hope of profit from a rise or fall in market value but with the possibility of a loss. This cannot be insured because it is considered as a non-insurable risk.

9. Opening of a new shop/office: The opening of a new shop is considered a non-insurable risk. You don’t know what to expect in the operation of the new shop; it is illogical for an insurer to accept in insuring a new shop for you.

10. Change in fashion: Fashion is a trend which cannot be predicted. Any expected change in fashion cannot be insured. A fashion house cannot be insured because the components of the fashion house may become outdated at any point in time.

11. Motoring offenses: You cannot obtain an insurance policy against expected fines for offenses committed while on wheels.

However, it should be noted that there is no clear distinction between insurable and non-insurable risks. Theoretically, an insurance company should be ready to insure anything if a sufficiently high premium would be paid. Nevertheless, the distinction is useful for practical purposes.

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How to Turn a Girl Into a Sex Machine Extremely Quick – 1 Proven Way to Make Her Wild in Bed

Who else wants to learn how to turn their girl into a an amazing sex machine in the sack? If you are anything like the vast majority of men who read our articles, the simple truth is that you love nothing more than a woman who goes wild in bed, right? It’s true… and just about every man who we’ve ever talked to admits that the biggest aphrodisiac for amazing sex is a girl who really gets into the erotic experience.

But with so many women admitting to NOT being that into intimacy with their male partners, how can you make sure that yours isn’t one of them?

Easy! We’ve identified about 10 or 11 ways to accelerate a girls desire, and accentuate her ability to orgasm to boot…and we’re going to share one of the most important ones with you below:

Tip #1: The Amazing Art of Erotic Exploration

Want to know what women really prefer when it comes to passion? A different erotic experience each and every time you make love! Sound far fetched? It shouldn’t be…as the biggest obstacle most men face when it comes to pleasuring their girl is boredom in bed. Yes, too much of the same thing is NEVER good for her, and unfortunately, when it comes to men and sex, the same old, same old is far more than a saying..:-) If you want to keep her on the erotic edge at all times, you’ve got to learn to mix it up and explore different “avenues” of keeping her satisfied, satiated, and most importantly, INTERESTED in exploring intimacy again with you the next night. The sad truth is that many women admit to preferring shopping for shoes over having sex with their husband, lover or boyfriend, and until you learn how to bring (and keep) her at the erotic edge, she’ll never be the “maniac” in bed….or about you really at all, that you really want her to become.

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Panasonic EP 1285 Massage Chair Review

Panasonic has been in the massage chair market for over 35 years. They have developed a variety of different massage recliners at many price points. One of their midrange models is the EP-1285 massage chair. This is a contemporary leather massage lounger that comes with the Swede Atsu urban set of features. Here are some of the highlights of the Panasonic EP 1285 massage chair.

This recliner comes with an air ottoman system. This air system features 12 airbags that are designed for helping the circulation of the lower body. These airbags are specifically contoured to help promote better blood circulation.

There are nine basic massage modes to select from. There are four automatic programs and three pre-programs for specific parts of the neck, back and shoulders. This gives you quite a variety of massage treatments to choose from.

This recliner sports the Swede Atsu urban massaging system. This system accurately simulates the stroking of the palm of the hand, pressing with the heel of the hand, kneading with the thumbs and pressure with the thumbs.

Some of the massages contained in this recliner are patterned after chiropractic treatments. There is a new massaging technique called chiropractic. This massage technique is used for relaxing the muscles while promoting good posture by helping to eliminate fatigued muscles.

The remote control is fairly simple to use. There are automatic programs which work off the touch of a single button. You can open the remote control to access the manual controls as well.

One nice feature included in the EP 1285 massage chair is the leg stretch. The leg stretch is great for relieving stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. This system works in conjunction with the air system holding your ankles while the leg rest will stretch out your lower body.

You get a variety of different massage actions with this recliner. There are massaging actions such as kneading, Swedish, soft shiatsu, full roll, compression, Hawaiian, tapping and regional roll. This gives you a good selection of different massages to meet a variety of needs.

This recliner also comes with a motorized recline. You can adjust the position of the chair back with the remote control. This makes it very convenient to find the right angle to receive your massage treatment.

This recliner also comes with an auto shutoff for the automatic programs. The massage program lasts about 15 minutes. It will automatically shut off and it will return the chair to its full upright position when complete.

The leg Ottoman gives you two different massaging features. You can use the leg stretch. Or you can use the leg air massage. Adjust the intensity of the air system to your level of comfort.

The leg Ottoman is not motorized and works by using a lever. A piston will raise the leg rest up when the lever it is activated. To lower the leg rest, you must push down with your legs to lower it.

There is a lot of variety of techniques in this recliner. This recliner is rather soft and subtle with the massage treatments. Although it can make a number of movements, sometimes it seems to lacking in good pressure. This can be problematic for those who wish deeper massage treatments.

Overall, the Panasonic EP-1285 massage chair has some nice features. It also comes with full grain leather upholstery. The air massage system is a great feature, but the back massage is a little weaker than other models in this category. If you are looking for a solid massage chair in a midrange level then check out the Panasonic EP 1285 massage chair.

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Bed Bug Treatment: Two Ways to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are known as one of the most hated household pests. They can cause much discomfort including insomnia, psychological problems and allergic reactions.

Their cryptic habits and ability to hide in cracks and crevices make it extremely difficult to kill them. No single treatment can kill bed bugs. You need a range of treatments to kill bed bugs two of which are cold treatment and fumigation.

The insect cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Studies have shown that the pest die within 30 minutes of being exposed to temperature at -17°C (1.4°F) – the freezing point for the insect.

There are 3 freezing techniques: cold freezer, a naturally cold environment and frozen CO2. In each case, the temperature must be at least -17°C. If your home freezer can reach this temperature it is a good way to kill bed bugs on fabric sensitive to extreme heat.

Wrap the object into a sheet, towel or other types of absorbent material that collects condensation. Place the wrapped object into a plastic bag, extract the air from the bag and seal it tightly.

Place the object into the freezer for at least 2 weeks. Avoid defrosting freezers because they are very dry and don’t maintain steady temperature in their cycle. Do not freeze objects made of layers of paintings, lacquer ware, ivory or photograph. Objects consisting of one material such as wool or wood are ideal.


Cryonite is the main CO2 product in the market designed to kill bed bugs. Cryonite freezes the fluid in the insect’s cells and cause instant death. The cells crystallise when the insect cools to -20 °C to -30 °C. The snow is -78.8°C (110°F). CO2 snow evaporates and becomes CO2 gas when it hits surfaces at normal temperature.

Cryonite is available to rent or purchase. You don’t need a license to operate it.


a. It freezes the pests in hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices.

b. It kills bed bugs quickly.

c. It kills the insect at all stages in the life cycle.

d. It leaves no messy residues and it requires no drying time.

e. It can be used on any surface. The cold does not penetrate the material.

f. CO2 in Cryonite is non-toxic.

g. It flushes the insects from the harbourage and makes them easy target for the vacuum’s nozzle.

h. Infested items that cannot handle extreme heat and is not sensitive to moisture are perfect to treat with Cryonite.

i. Deep freezing is a quick DIY treatment.

j. Freezing with Cryonite takes a short time to kill bed bugs.


a. Freezing has no residual effect.

b. The pests can re-infest.

Health and safety issues

Read the instructions carefully before using the Cryonite unit. Be very careful with the snow. It can reach temperature of -110°F. This can burn the skin.


In extremely severe infestation, fumigation is the best bed bug treatment. This bed bug treatment kills the pests at all stages in the life cycle. Fumigation gases remains in the air and are easily spread over a wide area.

Ethylene oxide (ETO), a gaseous fumigant used in libraries in the 1980s, cause serious health problems to workers. Studies have shown that ETO can alter the physical and chemical properties of paper, parchment and leather.

Residual ETO remains in untreated material that causes off-gassing toxins. Lethal fumigants include methyl bromide, sulphur dioxide, propylene oxide, sulfuryl flouride and aluminum phosphide. Asphyxiants such as carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen are classified as fumigants.

There is heavy reliance on fumigation treatment, especially in severe infestation since the insects are developing resistance to household pesticides.


a. Kills bed bugs at all stages in the life cycle.

b. Can be applied to the whole room.

c. It is the ideal treatment for severe infestation.


a. It has no residual effect.

b. It is the most toxic of all pesticides.

c. The pests can re-infest after the treatment subsides.

This treatment is very expensive and you need to hire special equipment to fumigate a whole room. However, when the treatment is done properly it is guaranteed that all the insects in the infested area will die.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags and the Class of Chloe

Today both men and women want to buy the designer handbags. They look for the style as well as silhouette; however, it has to be popular. Without any doubt, Louis Vuitton is definitely on cards and it is undoubtedly among the best. One such popular handbag from the company is the Speedy and this series is undoubtedly quite popular all around the world. As far as the Monogram Vernis is concerned, Alma is very popular. It is hard to find a distinctive design, as compared to Alma. If somebody will ask from woman or any fashion designer then he or she will definitely say that Alma should be the first choice.

These bags were first designed by one of the best designer of all time, Gaston Vuitton, in the year 1930 who generally got inspiration from La Place De I’Alma. This is a very famous brand house situated in Paris. There is no doubt at all that Alma is the classic symbol of one of the most popular brand house of Paris, which is Louis Vuitton Classics. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis has proved to be the best in the past. There is no doubt at all that this colorful series can make a serious improvement in the fashion and style. There is no chance of going wrong through these colorful series.

The Louis Vuitton has incremented more chic points as far as these iconic bags are concerned. One can find bright palette. Some of the varieties like Blue Galactic, Orange sunset, Green tonic, Amarante are just awesome. One can definitely find the embossed monogram graphics, removable leather key ball, padlock keys as well as quality artisanship. There is lots of information available about the Louis Vuitton Handbags series on the internet.

Let us come to the Chloe handbags. These too are quite popular all over the world. This is one of the very popular brands. It is quite sure that after tasting these handbags once, the purchaser will never look for any other brand. However, they should know one thing that there are many replicas available in the market. Thus, there are many counterfeit items available in the market. The difference in quality can be easily realized and experienced by using the replicas. They are made out of the best quality leather. They are more durable as well. Some of the varieties of purses are quite awesome. They can turn out to be good for the personal use as well as for the business use as well.

Some people believe that Chloe is meant for only rich people. However, this is not true at all. It is good to have one Chloe purse in the wardrobe. There are varieties of purses available in the market and some of them like Hampton Signature Striped Purse, the metallic signature snake as well as suede Gallery wristlet. Most of the modern buyers prefer to buy these products for themselves.

All of these purses are made with unique finish and undoubtedly, they are the best in the market. The Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely among the best and people from all over the world are buying them for their status as well as their outlook. These brands use the best zippers as well as the leather and this has made them to be the most popular in the market.

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